Baking Bread has been a part of growing up. There is nothing better than a fresh loaf of bread coming out of the oven, and smelling the great aromas throughout the house. This one thing has become my way of remembering my roots and keeping me grounded when life becomes crazy.
I grew up in a small town just outside of New York City, with a father from Yonkers and a mother from France. My French roots have definitely inspired me to be the baker I am today, and of course my mothers love of making bread too. As long as I can remember, baking bread was something we did to stay warm or to bring our family together. There is nothing better than putting simple ingredients together to make a beautiful creation like bread.
This whole adventure started during the winter of 2021. I was itching to start up a new project or hobby, and thought baking would be a great idea. It was approaching March of that year, and St. Patricks day was just around the corner. My favorite thing to make for this holiday is Irish Soda Bread! I made a few loaves and started selling them to friends and family. Before I knew it, I had sold more than a dozen loaves during the first couple of weeks of March. From there I started to take ideas from my friends to see what people would be interested in, and things just took off.
Since then, I have expanded my menu to about 30 items and are always working on new recipes. I have decided to stick to the basics like french baguettes, white bread, rye bread, bagels, english muffins, potato bread, and assorted buns. My offerings are more focused on breads everyone eats every day. I have also included some sweet treats like Cinnamon buns, Scones, and even Chocolate chip cookies.
I am always looking for new ideas, so please check out what I have to offer and send me a message! I love baking up new items and experimenting in the kitchen.